Following a person-centered approach to support, our professionals deliver a wide range of therapeutic services.

Support of a different kind

Support of a different kind

At Hamaspik Theragen we believe in the freedom of individualistic living. Our goal is to provide I/DD community members with the skills and services they need to lead full, purposeful lives—all while embracing everything that makes them unique.

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Whether you’ve recently graduated school, or you’re a senior citizen looking to live a more independent life, our licensed and certified practitioners help ensure a safe, smooth transition to the next stage of your journey. Take advantage of all our therapies and essential support programs.

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Support of a different kind

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When you visit Hamaspik Theragen, you are treated to world-class competence, professionalism, and positive encouragement. The result is newfound confidence and a sense of pride in your personal progress.

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A life-changing career

A life-changing career

Our talented family includes a special lineup of therapists and counselors, all specializing in the I/DD population. If you share our passion for uplifting these aspiring individuals, answer your calling with an exciting position at Hamaspik Theragen.


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COVID-19 has been detected in multiple communities around New York State. Visitors may introduce COVID-19 infection into the facility. NYSHA and its member Hamaspik agencies are issuing the following policy regarding visitors to all facilities, Day Habilitation, and Respite sites, IRAs and etc. to protect and maintain the health and safety of our residents and staff during the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

To prevent the introduction of COVID-19 into IRAs, CRs, and Private Schools:

Effective immediately,

NYSHA and its member agencies

• Suspend all visitation except when medically or clinically necessary (i.e. visitor is essential to the care of the resident).

In addition:

• Any visitors meeting these exceptions must be screened for symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, or fever) or potential exposure to someone with COVID-19 and the duration and number of visits should be minimized.

• NYSHA and its member agencies provide other forms of communication to meet the needs of our residents by calling each program director where detail guidance will be provided.

• These policies are in effect until further notification.

We are certain that families, advocates, and the public will appreciate these precaution measures for the health and welfare of the individuals