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Our story

As a family of OPWDD-certified treatment facilities, Hamaspik Theragen transcends the typical clinical atmosphere, nurturing and supporting individuals in every facet of life. Regardless of intellectual or developmental disability, our members are treated with respect and compassion, enjoying personalized care from appropriately licensed practitioners in a wide range of rehabilitative and therapeutic areas.

Hamaspik Theragen belongs to the New York State Hamaspik Association (NYSHA), a statewide nonprofit organization that represents a network of member agencies. These agencies provide essential health and human services for people in need, with a focus on delivering care within a specific area, such as a county, city, town or village. We operate under Article 16, helping members remain in the residential setting.

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Our mission:


Beyond healthy lifestyle empowerment, we inspire recent graduates, seniors, and their families to direct their own medical care and take advantage of the maximum number of resources available to them

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Our belief:

Obstacles are stepping stones

Whether your challenges are physical, intellectual, occupational, emotional or social, Hamaspik Theragen helps I/DD members foster their strengths, build confidence and cultivate independence

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Our promise:

Therapy centered around you

From our thorough initial evaluations to comprehensive ongoing clinical services, our person-centered team plans and provides therapy based on each individual’s unique needs

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Our support:

Evals available for kids too

Although the majority of our members have graduated school, Hamaspik Theragen also offers children’s psychiatry services and psychological evaluations to jumpstart their strategic treatment program

We care where you are

With 4 locations across 3 counties, Hamaspik Theragen offers
convenient access and comfortable commuting times:

in Numbers

Hamaspik Theragen is a subsidiary of the New York State Hamaspik Association (NYSHA)—a membership association of human-service providers.

NYSHA serves 25 counties as a cost-sharing consortium—providing staff and family retreats; staff training; governmental advocacy; and public relations services.